[ANN] XStream 1.4.2 released

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[ANN] XStream 1.4.2 released

Jörg Schaible-2
Hello world,

we proudly present the next release of XStream with version 1.4.2. It's mainly
a maintenance release with bug fixes and some small enhancements.

Main changes:

- XStream libraries can be used now directly in Android, therefore support of
Java 1.4.2 has been stopped with the delivery. Anyone who needs a version for
Java 1.4.2 can build it easily from source, this build is still supported and
part of CI.

- New extended HierarchicalStreamReader interface with peekNextChild method.
All XStream readers implement the new interface (by Nikita Levyankov).

- Special support for Collections.EMPTY_LIST, Collections.EMPTY_SET and
Collections.EMPTY_MAP and collections created with
Collections.singletonList(), Collections.singletonSet() and

- Support additional parameters for XStreamConverter annotation (e.g. to
declare a ToAttributedValueConverter).

For a complete list see: http://xstream.codehaus.org/changes.html
Download it here: http://xstream.codehaus.org/download.html

Central Maven repository is already synchronized!

XStream committers

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