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XStream 1.3 released

Jörg Schaible-2
The XStream committers proudly present XStream 1.3!

This release contains some major refactorings concerning Java annotations,
improved XML support regarding encoding and character sets, some minor new
features, deprecations and a lot of bug fixes:

- Annotation support is now implemented as Mapper and Annotations can either
be processed in advance or on-the-fly (see Annotations tutorial for
- Improved encoding support for JSON and XML (including automated support for
XML headers). Enforceable check for valid XML characters in the written
- Dedicated converters can now be configured for individual fields also using
the XStream facade.
- New converters for java.lang.StringBuilder, java.util.UUID,
javax.xml.datatype.Duration, and javax.swing.LookAndFeel. New generic
converter for types using a java.beans.PropertyEditor. Auto-instantiated
SingleValueConverter for Java enums to support enum values as attributes.
- XML elements are now sorted by default according their declaration with the
fields defined in parent classes first to improve support for type
hierarchies in XML schemata.
- A lot of bug fixes to improve JSON support for arbitrary types. Added
section in FAQ for limitations and operation modes.
- Native support for SAP VM.
- All text-based files are now shipped with an appropriate license header to
clean-up legal issues.

View the complete change log (http://xstream.codehaus.org/changes.html) and
download (http://xstream.codehaus.org/download.html).

XStream Committers

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