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[xstream-announce] Announcing new XStream project lead.

Joe Walnes-2
Hi everyone,

I have been the XStream project lead, since it was open sourced 3
years ago. In that time, it has attracted some excellent developers
who have formed the foundations of the user community, made all kinds
of significant improvements and pushed out new releases. It's now
approaching its 1000th commit.

The development community that has formed around XStream has been
outstanding - more than I could ever have imagined. In particular, the
following people have invested a lot of time into XStream, both from a
technical and social point of view:
- Jörg Schaible.
- Mauro Talevi
- Guilherme Silveira
- Jason van Zyl
- Me (well I have!)

Recently I have been turning my attention to other things and XStream
has been very much a self sustaining project. I've decided that the
project would benefit from have a project lead who can invest a lot
more time than I can currently offer.

So, the new XStream project lead will be Jörg Schaible, who along with
Mauro Talevi and Guilherme Silveira will carry XStream forward. This
has been happening for a long while anyway, it's just none of us ever
realised or acknowledged it.

Of course, I'll still be lurking around, helping the transition,
having loud mouth opinions and generally annoying people in any way I
can... you haven't got rid of me that easily. ;)

I know Jörg, Mauro and Guilherme will be able carry XStream into the
next generation (we have a lot of ambitious plans for XStream 2).

I'd also like to thank the 45(!) other contributers to the XStream project,
who have all helped make it what it is today....
Nat Pryce, Dan North, Tim Mackinnon, James Strachan, Jon Tirsén,
Marcos Tarruella, Khurram Chaudhary, Brock Bulger, Paul Hammant,
Nicky Sandhu, J. Matthew Pryor, Aslak Hellesøy, Nick Pomfret,
Brian Slesinsky, Konstantin Pribluda, Ben Smith, Brian Oxley,
Chris Kelly, Matthew Sandoz, Veaceslav Chicu, Jose A. Illescas,
Laurent Bihanic, Martin Weindel, Michael Kopp, Daniel Sheppard,
Chris Nokleberg, Henri Tremblay, Simon Daniel, Eric Snell,
Andrea Aime, Bryan Coleman, Kevin Ring, Trygve Laugstøl,
Hannes Havel, Gábor Lipták, Baba Buehler, Emil Kirschner,
Chung-Onn Cheong, Ian Cartwright, Costin Leau, Stefano Girotti,
David Blevins, Henrik Ståhl, Cyrille Le Clerc, John Kristian.
Finally, thanks to Graham Glass, who's Electric XML library
formed a lot of the insipiration for XStream.



Here are a handful of features that have been added to XStream since
it was first open sourced...
- Support for full object graphs, with cyclical references (via IDs or XPath)
- Direct integration with most popular XML parsers, including high
   performance pull-parsers.
- Support for non XML formats, such as JSON, properties, CSV and binary.
- Support for advanced Java serialization, following the serialization spec.
- Ability to change XML mapping, such as default collections and attributes.
- JDK 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 compatability.
- Crazy performance gains.
- Ability to deserialize objects without default constructors and set
   final fields.
- Ability to handle all kinds of awkward objects, including dynamic proxies.
- Drop in replacement for java.io.ObjectInputStream/ObjectOutputStream.
- Object streaming, allowing very large sets of objects to be
   serialized/deserialized one at a time.

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