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[xstream-user] Abstract class and field prefix problem

Phil Hayes

Hi All,

I am having a problem reading an XML file into a class that extends an abstract class
I am trying to add a prefix to the XML element names to match the class properties, for which I use a FieldPrefixStrippingMapper, code is attached.
I find that I can only read the data into the POJO quite OK.
But when I try to extend a class, I can not seem to populate any base class properties unless I specify the XML element name exactly as the base class property name.
What do I need to do to allow the prefix to be added to the base class property name before the code is unmarshalled ?
Thank-you very much for your time and assistance and a great product.


=== this is the code to read the seralized file =====

XStream xs = new XStream(new Sun14ReflectionProvider()) {
            protected MapperWrapper wrapMapper(MapperWrapper next) {
                return new FieldPrefixStrippingMapper(next);


cmmsCheckConfig cc = (cmmsCheckConfig)xs.fromXML(new java.io.FileReader("alerting_config.xml"));

========= here is the the code for the FieldPrefixStrippingMapper class =================

package au.com.cmms.Util;

import com.thoughtworks.xstream.alias.ClassMapper;
import com.thoughtworks.xstream.mapper.MapperWrapper;

     * A sample mapper strips the underscore prefix of fieldnames in the XML
    public class FieldPrefixStrippingMapper extends MapperWrapper {
        public FieldPrefixStrippingMapper(ClassMapper wrapped) {

        public String serializedMember(Class type, String memberName) {
            if (memberName.startsWith("its")) {
                // _blah -> blah
                memberName = memberName.substring(3); // chop off leading char (the underscore)
            return super.serializedMember(type, memberName);

        public String realMember(Class type, String serialized) {
            String fieldName = super.realMember(type, serialized);
            // Not very efficient or elegant, but enough to get the point across.
            // Luckily the CachingMapper will ensure this is only ever called once per field per class.
            try {
                type.getDeclaredField("its" + fieldName);
                return "its" + fieldName;
            } catch (NoSuchFieldException e) {
                return fieldName;

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